Sunday, 23 December 2012

Shhh...Not So Secret Santa

Every year me and my three favourite little elves do Secret Santa. Well I say 'secret', whilst there was an attempt to begin along those lines during the first pressie exchange 3 years ago, it wasn't long before the secret aspect of Secret Santa went well, right down the chimney! (har har) So now it's merely Santa or not so Secret Santa as I like to call it.
Usually we hijack a restaurant in order to trade gifts but this year due to lack of funds, we opted for a night in surrounded by your traditional Christmas dinner (a Curry of course) and some cheap and cheerful Cava! Digging out our favourite Christmas jumpers or in some cases, interpretations of such (X stands for Xmas duh?) with a dash of tinsel and a festive red lip, we were ready to go! Ho Ho Ho!
Although a budget of £15-£20 is placed on present spending prior to present buying, budgets tend to go well, right down the chimney! (I know I made that joke already but it's a Christmas cracker!) In my 'not so Secret Santa' stocking this year, lucky me received some truly festive-inspired Elmo PJs which I've been living in ever since, ginger-bread patterned socks perfect for people obsessed with ginger-bread men, i.e. ME and a pair of deliciously scented bath bombs from LUSH. Other recipients of their not so Secret Santas were treated with pressies such as leopard print cat slippers (Topshop £14) and Bruno Mars' 'Unorthodox Jukebox' album (HMV £10). Whilst the list doesn't end there, it does get progressively wierder, items including undergarments, a YOLO jumper and a tarot card table scarf were also unwrapped!

(Don't you wanna be in our gang?....)

P.S. I thought I'd share with you some shots of before and after pictures of us we found when a little too much wine inevitably became nostalgia city!




  1. love your jumper in this! I have those elmo pj's too, so cute! xx

  2. Lovely photographs Charlotte!

  3. thats a cute tradition you have going...nothing like having fun with your girls right

  4. Thanks everyone! Exactly, have to share the love at Chrimbo! x

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