Sunday, 27 January 2013

And The Winner Is...

I'm a Celebrity yes, Strictly Come Dancing maybe but definitely, definitely not my purse strings.

After getting over our initial shock at dishing out a staggering £4.20 for one bag of chocolate Munchies and another £4 for a cup of Orange Fanta, (this being after having already scoffed a less than generous dish of chicken and chips costing eight quid by the way), we eventually went in search for the seats that we would find ourselves watching a Gangnam style dancing dog in, a record-breaking Olympic legend and one drunken Dot Cotton from Eastenders making a miserable attempt at reading the auto-cue for the next three hours. Up and up we travelled, jealously shuffling past posh looking private boxes each complete with swanky mini-bars, a butler and their very own personal security, we were directed to our chairs by a friendly-looking usher, of course without any sign of free alcohol, abiding servants or large bouncers. I clutched onto my personal, albeit slightly expensive picnic and followed the man's instructions.

'Just keep going up and you'll find them', he told us and so we did. Immediately we started to do some serious celeb spotting. It was after all, the annual National Television awards hosted by none other than Mr Dermott O'Leary and there were celebs and egos aplenty!

As some of the biggest and the brightest stars of the small screen started to seep into the 02 Arena, they were greeted by not only buff looking men in penguin suits clutching endless trays of expensive champagne but the cries of adoring fans heard echoing around the impressive 20,000 seat venue.
'JOEEEEYYY', one young girl would yell as the crew from TOWIE walked in, tans freshly painted, mini-skirts sparkling.
 'GARRRRY', another could be heard hollering as the latest celebrity panel of X Factor judges waltzed in, first mingling with fellow elite beings and later settling in their front-row seats.

Now if your anything like the celebrity fanatic that I am, the excitement of simply sharing a room with the likes of Nicole Scherzinger, Alan Carr and Holly Willabooby (just to name a few!) is enough to send me into a complete an utter celebrity meltdown. Unfortunately there is something about being in the presence of a remotely famous person that sends me a little loopy, loosing any sense of dignity, self-respect or pride in favour of whooping and hollering in a VIP's sugically enhanced face. I'm not sure what I gain from doing so other than completing and utterly embarrassing myself. A-List, Z-List, the effect is the same, (despite having never actually met an A-Lister, I expect the sight wouldn't be too pretty!)

Take for example Soccer Six, a charity event whereby celebrities, and I use the term celebrity loosely, play football in order to raise money.
'I LOVE YOU!', I scream at one ex-Hollyoaks reject who stood just a few feet away from me, quickly catching myself, head in hands realising that what I'd just said, I'd said out loud and indeed it was that...very loud. The strange thing is, I don't love him and I never have. It's just an instinctive thing that comes out of my mouth as if like a spell sending me from a normal (relatively) girl into a quivering mess in the space of ten seconds. In this instance the guy simply pulled an odd face and laughed at me. Cue some oh so slightly rosy red cheeks.

Luckily to those of you who have been in the O2 arena, you will know that from the heights of the highest tier, yelling I love you at unexpectant celebrities and having them hear it, is near on impossible so this night I settled with eyeing up the TV stars from afar. Thank god I brought my glasses as identifying Paul O'Grady from Mark Wright, Pudsey the Dog from Keith Lemon was proving somewhat a challenging task, the celebs better resembling glitzy little ants, air kissing and posing, waddling carefully in 5 inch heels as they try desperately not to tred on their posh designer frocks.

But oh how fantastic it all was, as I sat munching on my picnic, (a must for any Charlotte outing!) whilst gazing dreamily into the world of the social elite. It was like we were given exclusive access to these mysterious creatures for one night only - I even spotted Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright having a cheeky snog! I found it fascinating seeing how a live show on as large a scale as this one was put together with secrets such as the crowds of extras waiting in the wings who legged it amongst the nominees to replace those who had disappeared kind of ruining the whole illusion of it all.

In terms of the show itself, hats off to Ella Henderson who wowed the audience with her version of Cher's 'Believe' and congrats to Strictly for finally beating X Factor to best talent show and getting the recognition that they deserve! My personal highlights included Pudsey's take on Gangham style and Ant and Dec winning best entertainment presenters for the twelth year in a row! Their stint on I'm a Celeb late last year had me in stitches every evening. Much to my disappointment however, they weren't actually able to attend the ceremony itself, opting instead to have Simon Cowell present their award via satelite. It was probably for the best mind you, given I don't think there was enough space in that room for another two egos!

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