Tuesday, 1 January 2013

NOW That's What I Call 2012!

Bong. Bong. Bong.

The clock strikes midnight. 1st January 2013. Shock Horror...Charlotte isn't crying.

Rarely does a New Years Eve countdown pass by without a compulsory midnight breakdown complete with spluttering tears and bouts of confused laughter coming from my sorry direction. It has become quite the tradition (and a back-catalogue of embarassing photos) that come 12 O'Clock, as if out of nowhere, I burst into tears. Why you wonder? Well I know New Years is a time for celebration but it is the extent of build up to such a celebration that completely overwhelms me, that and the combination of bottles of wine and the knowledge that yet another eventful year has come to an end results in one over-emotional 22 year old. Thus, as the chimes of old Big Ben echo dramatically around the wooping and hollering group of 9 loved ones, friends are left puzzled as they ask, 'Are you crying Charlotte? Why aren't you crying?". And to tell you the truth, I was as much confused as they were. Not an inkling of water shed from my eyes. Not even endless montages of Mo Farah crossing the finishing line at the Olympics could set me off and ordinarily, the mere sight of the 'Mobot' is enough!

Undeniably, this is the first year where I have openly expressed my desire to see the back of it but equally, 2012 was probably my most monumental yet, complete with my proudest achievement to date, excitement for the Olympics and endless memories of antics in Amsterdam. Sadly, the combination of the disapointment of withdrawing from my course to train to be a Primary School Teacher and a battle with anxiety has tainted my fondness of the year gone by. So here instead, I am taking the first steps to fulfil my New Year's Resolution, not to dwell on the past or worry about the future and have comprised a selection of my favourite highlights of 2012, a year that will undoubtedly go down in History. And when people ask, 'What were you doing when London hosted the Olympics 2012?', I can say with great pride, all of this...

Sorry I just need to go and get a tissue. *Blubs*


"Charlotte Joanna Turner with First Class Honours."

I stumble onto the walkway, gripping my sweaty toes deep into my nude coloured heels. 'Please don't fall over, please don't fall over', I repeat over and over in my head. I'm walking up to collect my English Language and Linguistics degree at the prestigious Canterbury Cathedral knowing that three years of hard-work and a 10,000 word dissertation later, has got me to this point and yet all I can think about is not collapsing in a heap on the historic church floor infront of hundreds of glaring spectators. Despite making a pit-stop for emergency insoles after discovering that my new 'sensible' shoes were two sizes too big and even after warning the fellow graduate behind me to walk s-l-o-w-l-y so as not to catch me up, the Graduating Class of 2012 video on the University website has continued to reassure me, that despite my best efforts, I did indeed collect my certificate like a complete and utter duck!

New Additions

Say hello to Henley. This little chap is the newest adorable addition to an already brimming family of ever-growing little ones. Throughout 2012 I loved being kept updated through the wonders that is Facebook of the antics of my younger cousins. Whether that be news of Award-Winning Young Writers or Gangnam-Style dancing Super Heroes, they continue to keep me thoroughly entertained!


Probably the most I laughed all year. A trip to celebrate a friend's 21st Birthday and the trip that coined the phrase, 'YOLO!'. Complete with death rides on Tuk Tuk's, questionable Muffins, befriending foreign Americans, dodging bicycles, falling up stairs, falling down stairs, getting locked in toilets and being scarred by the sights of one man I don't wish to remember. The weekend bananza was...cultural to say the least but one I will never forget!


Crowding over one blitchy phone, strangers united in hope and pride watch anxiously as Mo Farah runs down the home straight. "Come on Mo, go Mo", people shout. Can it be possible that he becomes a double Olympic Champion?

And the crowd go wild!

We're in the queue waiting to board our plane home. It'd killed me to spend a week away from London forced to stream the Olympics on a dodgy, not very sufficient I-Phone app but if there was anywhere I'd have to be that wasn't London during this momentous time, it was Palma de Mallorca. I'd spent a glorious week with my boyfriend and parents within the family holiday resort of Puerto Pollensa, alternating between serious sunbathing and legging it upstairs to our apartment to catch highlights of the Olympics complete with Spanish commentary. Whilst I may not have been in my home country as Super Saturday kicked off, who else can say they were sipping Pina Coladas in 30 degree heat as they watched Jessica Ennis win Gold?

Fancy Dress

With the help of 21st Birthday parties, the Golden Jubilee and a Come Dine With Me special, 2012 saw the transformation of four normal girls from Essex into a multitude of characters. From old Grannies to Katy Perry, French Tourists to Greek Goddesses, there were enough wigs, face paint and fancy dress to rival the Village People!

Here's to a happy and healthy 2013!

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