Sunday, 20 January 2013

Tis Snow More

Slipping and sliding, a week's food shopping in tow, I continue to do my best Bambi on ice impression, crawling up Wimbledon hill desperate to reach any kind of snow-free zone. It's Sunday evening and I'm hobbling home in not so sensible heeled boots that were solely (har har) responsible for the twisted ankle and near collapse that I'd suffered only 10 minutes previous. You see it was 4:45pm and we had a mere 15 minutes to successfully complete a weeks Tesco shop. Whilst Supermarket Sweep was always one of my favourite shows as a kid, constantly gazing at the tele wishing for nothing more than free-reign of the local Sainsburys, I clearly wasn't cut out for it. Throw some slippery wet floors in the mix and a soggy Charlotte was left swimming in the slush-pool that was aisle number thirteen. Now I've heard of Dale's pick 'n' mix bonuses, but there was certainly no bonus for picking myself up off the floor.

That was probably the most eventful thing that happened to me this weekend. Of course the snow has swept England and us being the wimps that we are, the whole country goes into one freezing-cold chaos. In all fairness, I don't blame us if it means avoiding a twisted ankle or two, this being the reason that all plans for a good old fashioned boogie were firmly frozen. Maybe as a group of 18 year olds would we have braved the snow in miniskirts and high heels or legged it outside for a snow-ball fight but I guess our slightly more sensible 22 year old selves have learnt our lessons and the idea of watching the snow fall in our onesies seemed just a little bit more desirable than having snow pummelled into our faces!

Meanwhile, I am beginning my third and final week at John Blake Publishing tomorrow and I have to say, it has been a truly positive experience. I have found the team to be extremely friendly and they have really offered me a wealth of opportunities to not only expose me to some of the daily tasks of a professional publisher but to allow me to show them what a 20-something unemployed ex-trainee teacher can really do. From researching and compiling picture sections of upcoming celebrity biographies, complete with writing their captions, to proof-reading and editing unreleased transcripts, I have thoroughly enjoyed exploiting my creativity and keen eye for accuracy in order to complete them (someone will probably tell me that there's a spelling mistake in this no doubt!). Of course the more menial tasks such as making a record number of 7 cups of tea/coffee at one time, each of a different kind (cammomile, peppermint, green, breakfast, Earl Grey, filtered coffee, instant coffee, sugar, no sugar, black, white - who knew there could be so many?), were part of my every day routine, the experience has most certainly wet my tastebuds for a life in publishing and undoubtedly improved my short-term memory! Of course the free liquid lunches and early home-times were by no means contributing factors in my decision to possibly pursue a career in the publishing industry.

Whilst my time at John Blakes is sadly coming to an end, so too is my 3 week lodging experience at my boyfriend's and his housemate's humble abode. Unlike finishing my internship, leaving my boyfriend's flat is a welcomed change! I shouldn't say too much seeing as in all fairness they did let me live here rent-free (which by the way, they wouldn't let me forget!), but lets just say I'm very much looking forward to returning to a home that is warmer than -10 degrees, where I don't have to wear 4 layers, sit in the dark, or listen to farts, or watch hands constantly being shoved down pants. Are they checking to see everything's still there or something? Who knows. All I know is that I'm grateful I don't have a brother.

Till next time...


  1. congrats on finishing your internship :] what is it you want to go into, what sort of publishing?
    i am a media and cultural studies graduate, i want to go into marketing/advertising but i'm at a lost atm :( x

  2. Thankyou! I'd love to go into book publishing, fiction/non-fiction, or children's, just not academic publishing! haha!

    Its so difficult isn't! Best of luck with it all, we'll all get there in the end :) x

  3. such a lovely picture, i love the feeling of the picture its like a calm feeling :)
    nice post btw!