Saturday, 5 January 2013

Oh Ho So Late

Better late than never eh? I thought I would share with you these delightful little chocolate muffins (courtesy of good ole Betty Crocker of course!) that me and my Jamie Oliver esque boyfriend made for New Years Eve as we were just that proud! As one of those people still desperately clinging onto Santa's festive red trousers as he climbs back up the chimney, I kept the Christmas spirit alive by making these Mince Pie inspired muffins taking decoration ideas from this recipe.

Now whilst my cooking skills are notoriously...interesting to say the least (mentioning no names scrambled egg disaster!), I thought it wise to stick to a ready-made cake mix and channel my baking creativity with hand-made decorations. So I purchased a Betty Crocker Chocolate Muffin mix in the hope that I couldn't possibly go wrong stirring some cake mix, egg and water. Could I? Despite faffing with water measurements, (milliletres, letres, pints, what's the difference I say?), the muffins were soon left rising beautifully in the oven as we got to work making holly shaped decorations out of coloured sugar dough. Without a template but with a little tantrum here and there (and that was mainly Will), we managed to create decorations that resembled (sort of) christmas holly and berries.

Once the muffins had cooled down, we ensured the icing was thick enough to drip slightly giving it that mince pie feel. Then we applied the holly decorations, sprinkled a little icing sugar dust on top of the muffins and wa laaa! Christmas inspired Chocolate Muffins that sat centre stage during my New Year's festivities! One friend even refused to believe that we hadn't gone to the supermarket and bought them, (although once she discovered the truth, I didn't actually spot her eating one!) People were happy to argue over them in the morning when hungover however!

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